Sitecore 9 Upgrade

Sitecore 9 is a tremendous step forward for the CMS platform. A lot of new features have been introduced. This translates in lots of new value and opportunities for your business.

The Power Of xConnect

Sitecore 9 brings us xConnect. This is your new connected hub of customer activity and insights. It combines your Sitecore-driven insights with customer information tracked in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and other systems.

What's really exciting for us is that it's actionable. Not only can customer actions from Sitecore be pushed into the CRM, but your CRM data can be used by marketers to deliver a relevant, personalized experience through the website.

Machine Learning + Sitecore

We know there is a lot of hype around machine learning - and we employ it ourselves, primarily through our search implementations. And we've seen that machine learning has lots of potential for business.

As part of Sitecore 9, Sitecore Cortex introduces machine learning into the CMS platform. This power, in the right hands, will allow deliver new levels of insights and personalizations (almost magically)

Introducing Sitecore PaaS on Azure

Welcome to the Sitecore 9 Cloud. Or more specifically, the Sitecore Experience Cloud. To Fishtank, Sitecore PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) on Azure is very appealing. Having a cloud-first CMS that's native to Azure is increasingly a priority with our customers. So if that rings true to you, it definitely helps build the case for an Sitecore upgrade.

Fishtank Does Sitecore Upgrades

Fishtank's already performed many Sitecore 9 upgrades. We're talking about Sitecore 6, Sitecore 7, Sitecore 8, with SXA, with Coveo, CRM integrations, Azure-based, on-prem, you name it.

We have learned a lot of lessons. We have got the process and the expertise to get it done. We'd love help you get the latest and greatest to push your digital engagement to the next level.

The Next Step in Upgrading to Sitecore 9?

Reach out to us at [email protected] and we can have an honest, informed chat about what you should need to know.