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Cloudflare CDN


Supporting 25 million properties, Cloudflare’s global edge network offers ultra-fast content delivery, intelligently routing content requests along the fastest path while giving you precise control over your content's caching.

You’ll save more on bandwidth with Cloudflare because you’re reducing the number of requests to the origin, and there are no price surges if you get attacked.

Cloudflare DNS


Cloudflare DNS is the fastest in the world, with advanced security and 100% uptime. Through Cloudflare’s Anycast network DNS resolution is at the network edge in each of their data centres across 200+ cities, and DDoS protection is built in to ensure your website is always protected from DNS attacks.

Average DNS lookup speed: 11ms
Worldwide DNS propagation: < 5 seconds

Our Cloudflare Results

100 ms

web page load times


decreased bandwidth expenses

30 x

increased TTFB

Cloudflare DDoS

DDoS Protection

Secure your website and network while ensuring legitimate traffic isn’t compromised with Cloudflare’s DDoS protection solutions. The protection options include a reverse proxy service for apps (Cloudflare Spectrum), always-on DDoS protection for web assets, and BGP-based DDoS protection for network infrastructure.

Cloudflare has blocked the biggest attack attempts in history, as well as blocking an average of 57 billion threats daily with their 59 Tbps network.

Cloudflare Bot Management

Bot Management

Protect your site from bad bots that can steal information, hack accounts, slow your site, damage your data and more.

Cloudflare does this by tracking every request, analyzing behaviour and detecting anomalies in traffic. Bot fingerprinting is used from 25 million Internet properties, and Cloudflare’s machine learning trains on hundreds of billions of requests per day.

Cloudflare WAF


Protect your business-critical web applications from attacks with an intelligent, scalable and integrated solution that doesn’t require any architecture changes.

Cloudflare inspects all requests to the WAF against the rules engine and uses threat intelligence from protecting over 25 million sites. While suspicious requests can be challenged, blocked or logged, legitimate requests are routed to the destination, no matter whether it lives on-premise or in the cloud.

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Let us get your website to speeds you didn't even know were possible, no matter how complex your requirements are.

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