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Keep your website in top shape.

In today's digital age where your website is your brand's most important storefront, keeping your website in top shape is more important than ever.

A regular Sitecore audit is important to ensure your site is performing as it should be.

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What's in it for me?

Best practice alignment

  • Thorough examination of your front & back end-infrastructure, code, content & information architecture
  • We ensure you're upgraded to the latest Helix framework
  • Hard-coded content review
  • Component reusability, site security and an AI cyclomatic complexity analysis
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User experience review

  • Server load testing
  • Accessibility review
  • Site search review
  • Responsiveness & mobile optimization testing
  • Image optimization and handling
  • Design & styling
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Marketing performance

Performance optimization

  • SEO
  • Tag consolidation & implementation
  • Site speed tests
  • Page component & optimization testing
  • Bounce & conversion rate review
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Marketing features

  • Social media integration
  • Marketing automation
  • AI/personalization
  • Sitecore analytics

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