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A.I. machine learning powered

Convert your website visitors faster by giving them a tailored digital experience.

Our website search solution uses the latest machine learning technology to deliver customized results to your website visitors, while giving you access to state-of-the-art search reporting.

Why do I need website search?

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Improved brand satisfaction

Allowing visitors to easily find the content they need, results in a great user experience and increased brand satisfaction.

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Increased customer engagement

Improve customer engagement by providing website visitors with content that they’re interested in.

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Identify content gaps

Deep insights show the instances when a visitor made a search and didn't return a result because the content doesn't exist.

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Reduced bounce rate

Significantly improve your bounce rate by constantly providing visitors with content that's relevant to them.

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What's in it for me?

A.I. / Machine learning

Deliver highly personalized and relevant content to your website visitors in real-time. The content is based on their previous browsing history & interaction with your site.

Deep analytics on user searches

Deep insights into what your visitors are searching for helps you identify content gaps.

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Indexing beyond the website

Index content beyond your website using connectors. Consolidate data from places such as Salesforce, Episerver, Youtube, Google Drive, Sitecore, Box, Gmail, Amazon S3, Lithium, SAP, and WordPress.

Full search page

Fully customizable search page and search query engine, with the capability to filter by any number of categories.

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Make every experience personal with a predictive, intelligent search and relevance solution.