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Integrate Sitecore with Salesforce & Microsoft Dynamics.

Integrating Sitecore with a CRM solution gives you a 360 degree, omni-channel view of your customer journey, and allows you to target customers at every stage.

Convert your prospects to leads, leads to opportunities, opportunities to sales, and sales to lifelong loyal customers.

Why do I need to integrate my CRM with Sitecore?


360 degree view of your customers

Allow your sales people to see what content your contacts interact with in the one place.

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Seamless sales & marketing integration

Multi-directional syncing allows salespeople & marketers to view consolidated information about each prospect.


Omni-channel targeting

Target at every stage of the journey with visibility into the consumer journey across multiple channels.

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What's in it for me?

CRM integration

Integrating your Sitecore with a custom CRM solution.


Creating a Sitecore and CRM strategy that converts.

Bi-directional syncing

Bi-directional syncing between your CRM and Sitecore.


Combining your Sitecore, CRM and marketing automation platforms for an omni-channel strategy.

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