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Managed performance, infrastructure and security.

We have the battle tested experience to get your Sitecore into the Azure cloud.

Spend more time focusing on the demands of your business and less time worrying about performance, infrastructure design and security when you leave your Azure hosting to us.

Why do I need Sitecore for Azure PaaS?

Accelerate your projects.

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Rapid installations

Sitecore can be deployed to Azure quickly and easily, with every PaaS installation customized for Sitecore.

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Real-time scaling

The ability to scale-up in real-time means you're always prepared for the unexpected.

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Powerful tooling & reporting

Restore your database to a specific point in time, while also being able to manage access, security, deployments and alerts, as well as monitoring resource usage and costs.

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Support from Microsoft

Microsoft has a global network of centres in 19 regions around the world, ensuring you have great performance and support.

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Cost effective

Because of Azure's automatic scaling you're only charged for how much you use it.

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Leave it to us

High performance & ultra fast

  • Configuration of your Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure you’re utilizing it to its full potential
  • Performance optimizationPerformance optimization
  • Handling influence of traffic
  • Asset compression/Content optimization
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Managed cloud

  • Let us free your team to work on your core business
  • High availability of servers
  • Setup of backups, alerts and load balancing
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Infrastructure design

  • Optimized infrastructure
  • Scaling up or down depending on your needs
  • Building the infrastructure your organization needs and customizing your Sitecore topologies for you
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  • Automation of your scalability & performance optimization
  • Automation of infrastructure to save you money
  • Automatically deployed releases with changes that are ready to go
  • Automated backups for disaster recovery
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  • Attack protection
  • Denial of service set-up
  • Prevention of infections and XSS attacks
  • Set up of IP/geographical restrictions
  • Penetration testing
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  • Seamless from idea to deployment
  • Zero outage releases
  • Continuous integration and automated testing

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