What Is Sitecore?

The Leading Customer Experience Platform

Sitecore is a leading Customer Experience Platform (CXP). It allows digital marketers to target customers in real time, across multiple platforms, with unique and personalized content. It gives marketers a content management system that's both powerful and easy to use, while offering rich analytics and data insights. Sitecore also integrates deeply with other business systems to give an overall view of the customer, that extends beyond their activity on the website.

Sitecore Features

Some of the features that make Sitecore the leading CXP include:

  • Real-time personalization features
  • Rich data and analytics
  • Powerful and customizable marketing automation
  • Machine learning and AI capabilities
  • Deep customer insights
  • Extensive campaign building and goal setting
  • Omni-channel targeting

Sitecore Benefits

Because of Sitecore's world-class personalization and marketing automation features, users can expect the following benefits:

  • Faster conversion rate
  • Increased items per sale
  • Seamless brand presence
  • Ability to target customers at every stage of their journey
  • Anticipation of customer needs through deep insights

Powerful Tools For Marketers


Gone are the days of guessing customer needs and trying to catch them all with one net. You now have full customer behaviour analytics at your fingertips and can change complete page components depending on a customer's journey on your website, and beyond on other platforms. You can now target each visitor with unique content that converts faster and offers customers content before they even search for it, using the power of machine learning and AI.

Marketing automation

Create fully customizable marketing automation campaigns that target prospects with the right information, at the right time. You can send the discount code when the trolley is left, remind them about the eBook they haven't yet opened, or send the sales team a note in the CRM when the prospect visits your website for the second time this week. Receive rich reporting & analytics information that perfects your campaigns and delivers more targeted lead management processes.

Want To Find Out More?

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