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Serve your prospects targeted content.

Provide your website visitors with relevant content based on their previous activity on your site.

Make the most out of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) with an intelligent website search solution powered by AI and machine learning.

Why do I need search for AEM?


Improved brand satisfaction

Allowing your visitors to find exactly what they're looking for increases their satisfaction with your brand.


Increased customer engagement

Use machine learning to provide visitors with content other similar users engaged with.


Reduced bounce rate

Reduce your bounce rate by providing visitors with content that they’re interested in.


Identify content gaps

Keyword search insights allow you to see exactly what your visitors are searching for, so you can identify content gaps and create content that converts.

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What's in it for me?

AI/Machine learning

Real-time, personalized content means you'll convert faster & leave your customers happier, because they'll no longer have to go down rabbit holes searching for information.

Deep analytics on user searches

Deep insights into what your visitors are searching for. This helps you to identify content gaps and pinpoint the content that users aren’t interested in.

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Indexing beyond the website

Index content beyond your website using over 30 different connectors. This means you can pull data from places such as Salesforce, Episerver, Youtube, Google Drive, Sitecore, Box, Gmail, Amazon S3, Lithium, SAP, and WordPress.

Full search page

Fully customizable search page and search query engine, with the capability to filter by any number of categories.

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Display relevant & personalized content.

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Make every experience personal with a predictive, intelligent search and relevance solution.