What Is Enterprise Search?

Enterprise Search Defined

Enterprise search is the ability for a specific audience to search for content from multiple locations in an enterprise.

What An Enterprise Search Tool Does

Enterprise search allows employees to perform a search query in one location that extracts information and content from a number of sources.

Some enterprise search tools use AI and machine learning to learn what people are searching for, determine what information has been the most useful for others, and display the content that will best meet their needs.

This means that employees are given the most relevant information and content for whatever task they are completing, and can complete tasks on their own without having to ask other employees, and can deflect cases for their customers in record time.

Where Content Can Be Searched From

Content can be searched from locations such as databases, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, intranets, content management systems (CMS), project management and collaboration tools, directories, file sharing systems such as Dropbox and OneDrive and even some social media platforms.

enterprise search infographic

Allowing your employees to search for content from a number of locations means they can easily complete daily tasks, while also contribute to work instructions and knowledge building no matter what the original source, language or location of the content is.

Access Levels

Enterprise search allows you to control who has access to what information, allowing you to give different access levels to different groups of people.

This allows you to control access to specific pieces of content and information, so your people will only see the information that's relevant for their role or department, while allowing you to manage access control privileges and security for different types of content.

Enterprise Search Benefits

  • Information is available in a centralized location
  • Content is able to be indexed, searched and displayed to authorized users to improve productivity and efficiency
  • Your employees are empowered with relevant information to help them do their job, leading to higher employee satisfaction

Have any questions about enterprise search, or want to get started with an enterprise search solution for your business? You can reach us at [email protected]. We'd be happy to hear from you.

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