Automate Content Authoring With Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a world where content is automatically served to your website based on criteria you set. If you have Coveo this can become a reality. Let's think about what Coveo does and is:

  • Coveo indexes multiple sources of data
  • Coveo utilizes artificial intelligence to provide users with recommended content based on criteria
  • Coveo serves up search results
  • Search results themselves are designed in a way that speaks to your brand
  • Automated search results = Website content!

There is little difference between what Coveo can serve up as a search result and a piece of content on your website.

Let's use an example. You are the Digital Manager of the National Association of Coffee Enthusiasts.


  • Finding relevant content to continually update web pages is laborious
  • Managing multiple content authors with a publishing workflow has added a lot of administrative management
  • Potential for ad revenue is huge, however is lost in how to implement on the site without effecting user experience
  • You want to create new landing pages based on specific topics quickly and easily

Use Case:

A large espresso machine manufacturer has reached out regarding your website advertising their product.


  • Mock up a design for what the page should look like
  • Create a page template within your CMS
  • Create static components containing information that shouldn't change such as headers, footers
  • Create dynamic components to utilize Coveo search results
  • Create functionality within CMS to modify what and how search results are populated. This includes specifying where an ad should be displayed on the page and stored within the CMS
  • Journey:

    • Create a new landing page for Espresso
    • In your CMS within a field called "topic" insert the word espresso
    • Upload a new advertisement
    • Your Espresso landing page should now include content Coveo has tagged as Espresso, your advertisement as well as other static pieces of content
    • This new page was able to be created quickly with minimal content authoring and advertising. Scalable, and automated

    To get started with Coveo, or to find out more about what Coveo can do for your business, contact us at [email protected]