Energon Cube

Reduce client hold time

Empower your customer service staff by giving them the information they need to succeed in their role.

Provide them with an A.I. search tool that allows them to access content to solve cases within their ServiceNow workflows. They can also take advantage of predictive recommendations to increase their productivity and reduce call 'on-hold' time.

Why do I need search for ServiceNow?

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A.I./Machine learning powered

Deliver highly personalized and relevant content that your customers and employees need, based on previous successful search recommendations.

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Deep analytics on user searches

Deep insights into what your visitors are searching for to help you identify content gaps.

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Unify content from any source

Your staff can access content from over 50 cloud and on-premise content sources outside of ServiceNow, such as Sharepoint and OneDrive, to find information in record time.

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Full search page

Fully customizable search page and search query engine, with the capability to filter by any number of categories.

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What's in it for me?

Increased customer agent productivity

By allowing them to find all the content they need in record time.

Maximized sales conversion rate

By increasing sales rep productivity.

Increased customer satisfaction

By giving them the answers to their queries quickly & reducing on-hold wait times.

Search For ServiceNow FAQs

What versions of ServiceNow are compatible Coveo for ServiceNow?

Coveo for ServiceNow is compatible with ServiceNow versions:

  • San Diego (Coveo for ServiceNow v22.1.9+)
  • Rome (Coveo for ServiceNow v21.3.4+)
  • Quebec (Coveo for ServiceNow v21.1.0+)
  • Paris (Coveo for ServiceNow v1.1.0 to v21.3.4)

Does Coveo for ServiceNow support ServiceNow database encryption?

Yes, Coveo for ServiceNow can index the content of an encrypted ServiceNow database.

Can I link ServiceNow to my existing Coveo organization linked to another Coveo product?

Yes, if you have a Coveo organization already linked to another Coveo product, you can also link it to ServiceNow.

Who's using Coveo for ServiceNow?

Coveo has +1,500 implementations around the world with some of the biggest brands. Coveo for ServiceNow is used by companies like Accenture, Cask, DXC Technology, New Rocket, and more.

How much does Coveo for ServiceNow cost? How do I get started?

Coveo for ServiceNow integration pricing depends on the plan you choose. We recommend that you contact Fishtank at [email protected] for more information about pricing, or book a demo to get started.

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