Dan Cruickshank named Sitecore MVP 2020

For the seventh year in a row.

Fishtank Consulting President Dan Cruickshank wins Sitecore Most Valued Professional (MVP) Award 2020

Dan Cruickshank is formally recognized for his contribution and dedication to the Sitecore community.

Fishtank Consulting President and founder Dan Cruickshank has been named Sitecore MVP for the seventh year in a row in 2020.

The Sitecore Most Valued Professional (MVP) distinction is awarded to Sitecore leaders, and only the most active professionals in the Sitecore community that are passionate about sharing their knowledge with other Sitecore users.

This year the MVP award was given out based on the quality, quantity and the impact of the contributions to the Sitecore community in 2019. This includes the mastery of the Sitecore platform to support both partners and customers.

At Fishtank Consulting it is our mission to ensure all Sitecore users are getting the most out of the platform, so contributing meaningfully to the Sitecore community is of prime importance to us.

Having a 7 x Sitecore MVP heading up Fishtank Consulting means that our clients are always receiving unique knowledge and expertise to get the most out of Sitecore.

Founded in 2013, Fishtank Consulting is a leading Sitecore partner and technology focused digital agency. Fishtank Consulting builds world-class websites, develops end-to-end technology solutions and offers content, UX design and SEO services to deliver quantifiable results for businesses.


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Meet Natalie Mankowski

Marketing Manager, Sitecore Strategy MVP 2021 & 2022


Natalie is an experienced marketing strategist, passionate about helping brands forge strong and authentic connections with their customers using world-class end-to-end technology, relevant content and personalization.

In addition to being a proud Sitecore strategy MVP, she’s also a Master of Marketing and has helped some of the biggest brands in the world to thrive amongst the changing digital landscape.

This Aussie is big into rock climbing, skiing, eating good food and connecting with people over a cuppa.

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