Customer Success Story

NuScale Power

Sitecore-Powered Nuclear Digital Transformation

We partnered with NuScale Power to help them reach their customers and raise awareness of a revolution in modular nuclear energy.

Along the way we empowered their people, rebranded their website, and migrated them to the cloud.


In the beginning. 

  • Lack of market awareness around revolutionary, small modular nuclear power technology
  • Transition of IT ownership from parent organization, leading to need for empowering technology solutions
  • Static website with legacy branding, requiring a refresh


What we did together.

  • Partnered with Sitecore for Managed Cloud hosted solution
  • Used Azure PaaS infrastructure for future scalability while minimizing IT overhead
  • Automated deployment, complimented by on-going governance model to manage releases
  • Sitecore 9 powered website, leveraging Fishtank's "Digital Toolkit" methodology for page creation


Many significant transformations.

  • Deep analytics for focused lead generation
  • Content authors are empowered to maintain a dynamic, personalization-enabled web experience
  • Adoption of Sitecore's campaign and personalization features, leading to the ability to target specific markets, understand needs and wants of the customer while providing education
  • Governance model driving continuous improvement and automation
  • Speed of delivery of the project enabled timely resolution of challenges
  • Hosted environments allows the business to focus on managing the customer experience and not the technology

Key Takeaways

Managed Cloud

Adopting Sitecore's Managed Cloud allowed NuScale to be infrastructure-ready, allowing for focus on delivery.

Less Is More

Fishtank's digital toolkit methodology allowed NuScale to build a rich, scalable site free from the restrictions of templates.

Powerful Transformation

NuScale took control of their site, rebranded, empowered their marketers and went live with a low-IT solution in months.