Customer Success Story

CNOOC International

Sitecore-Powered Energy Digital Transformation

We partnered with CNOOC International the worlds largest offshore oil company to create a unified online footprint.

From an aging, costly and complex content management system to an agile, modern unified web experience.


In the beginning.

  • Large multinational corporation with many disparate sites
  • Older CMS platform and lack of internal knowledge impeded ability to execute on new initiatives
  • Heavily dependent on external vendor for simple changes


What we did together.

  • Deployed new multi environment infrastructure
  • Built new web platform utilizing Sitecore 9 XP
  • Implemented Fishtank's Digital Toolkit methodology
  • Providing onsite labs and support to train authors on self-management of the platform


Many significant transformations.

  • New digital home for CNOOC International, world's largest offshore oil company
  • Consolidated online footprint into a new unified brand
  • Improved DevOps for fast, reliable release process while enabling continuous improvement
  • Empowered a team of authors and marketers to expertly manage web properties
  • 4 month complete life-cycle including discovery, infrastructure, design, build, testing, training and launch

Key Takeaways

Unified Online Footprint

CNOOC International online footprint coming together as one unified experience.

Empowered Authoring

Content authors empowered to edit and create content without technical assistance.

Fast Delivery

Rapid delivery of the solution led to little disruption to overall web presence.