Sitecore On The Cloud

With the launch of Sitecore 9 and the unveiling of the Sitecore Experience Cloud, everything took a huge step forward. At Fishtank, we've been very excited seeing the transformation and the results it's had for our customers (and even ourselves).

Rapid installations. One-click infrastructure. Easier deployments. Scaling on the fly. We've definitely found that it accelerates our projects.

Sitecore Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service)

It has been really exciting to see Sitecore embrace Azure. We're seeing a true shift of the CMS platform into the cloud. As a partner and for our customers, it's a breath of fresh air to no longer be worrying about Windows versions, .NET runtimes, scheduling back-ups, security patching etc.

Less talking about IT operations. More talking about world class websites.

Real-time Scaling

It's nice to feel prepared - at least for us it is. And with Sitecore on Azure, the ability to scale-up in real-time means you're always prepared for the unexpected. You can finally run that SuperBowl commercial knowing you're site can handle it or scale out to Europe for a new campaign.

The Powerful Productivity of Sitecore on Azure

What's been a revelation for us is the power of the tooling that comes with Sitecore PaaS on Azure. For example, point-in-time database restores are built-in. Need your database restored to how it was last Wednesday at 6:52 PM? Once impossible, now it's out of the box.

Beyond this there is great tooling to manage access, security, deployments, alerts - everything else you can expect from a true PaaS platform on Azure.

Our Head in The Clouds

They say we're a dreamer, but we're not the only ones. We have the battle tested experience to help get your Sitecore into the Azure cloud.

Fishtank has our own managed cloud offering, but we also have customers using Sitecore Managed Cloud, Rackspace Managed Cloud or their own internal Azure Ops teams within IT.

Wanting To Take The Next Step?

Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can have an honest conversation about how we can help.