Sitecore Releases AI Driven Automated Personalization Solution

In December 2019

Sitecore has announced product innovation plans for a Sitecore artificial intelligence (AI) solution. Set to be released in December 2019, the AI solution provides the ability for users to leverage the power of machine learning to personalize their website experience, without having to segment users and create a personalization strategy manually.

The new AI driven automated personalization solution will allow content marketers to personalize faster, save money and lift their engagement value. Piloted by Microsoft, they saw a 16% lift in engagement value as a direct result of the AI personalization pilot program. Microsoft also claims that it allowed them to see the segments that they didn’t know existed and take the guesswork out of their website personalization strategy.

Based on research conducted by Sitecore, marketers understand the importance of personalization, and want to create personalized experiences for their audiences. However, they often struggle with the ability to create a personalization strategy, configuring personalization rules, as well as having the time to keep track of and monitor the personalization rules they've set up. Sitecore's auto-personalization is a solution to these challenges for marketers, and enables marketers to build a new website experience that leverages the content they already have, while allowing them to re-use it to target different segments automatically.

Auto-personalization will simplify the entire personalization approach and enable users to test out different variations of content on different audiences, based on their previous experiences and what the machine learning solution knows about the visitor. It also gives users access to a dashboard that shows them information about each of the visitors entering their site and what their engagement value is, while giving users the ability to drill into a particular segment to find out details about what that segment looks like, and what's driving their personalized experience.

To find out more about Sitecore's AI personalization offering, or to express your interest contact us at [email protected].

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