Finding A Page In The Sitecore Content Editor

As a Sitecore content author or marketer, you'll no doubt at some point need to update a page that's already live on the website.

You might have access to the URL and live version of the page, but have difficulty finding that page in the content editor because your Sitecore instance has a lot of pages and sub-pages.

Instead of going through every page, sub-page and folder in the content tree, simply watch our short 1 minute video for instructions on how you can easily find a page in the Sitecore content editor, or follow the instructions below.



  1. Take note of the URL of the page that you want to find in the content editor.
  2. Screenshot of a page URL
  3. Since each page in the content tree is named after its URL and nested under any pages in its URL structure, follow this URL structure in the content tree to find your page.
  4. Screenshot of a page URL
  5. If your Sitecore instance has a search feature enabled, you can also use this to locate the page or item you’re looking for.
  6. Sitecore content editor search bar screenshot

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