Find Out Where An Item Is Being Used In Sitecore

Sometimes you need to find out where an item such as a page, component or media item is being used in Sitecore.

This is particularly helpful if you need to remove a page or item and don't want to create any broken links.

Watch our short, 1 minute video to find out how to see where an item is being used in Sitecore, or follow the instructions below.



  1. Select the item in the content tree of the content editor.
  2. In the top navigation ribbon, select 'Navigate' and then 'Links'.
  3. Screenshot of where to find Sitecore links in the top navigation ribbon
  4. Here you'll find a list of all the items that are referring to the selected item, under 'Items that refer to the selected item'. You'll also find all the items that the selected item refers to under 'Items that the selected item refer to'. Screenshot of items that refer to the selected item in Sitecore

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