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Alberta Regional Libraries

A network of 39 public libraries serving over 200,000 residents.

Industry leading online customer experience solution for public library networks.

Meet Alberta Regional Libraries

Parkland was the first regional library in Alberta, opened in 1959. More than 50 years later, Parkland Regional Library is a network of 39 public libraries across central Alberta, serving over 200,000 residents.

The network provides technical and professional support to public libraries in the system area so that even small libraries are cost effective and have access to assistance that’s made possible by working through the system.


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  • Information Services


We only use industry leading technologies to build high performing solutions.

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Coveo Cloud Pro

A.I. powered search to unify website and library content

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Polaris ILS

Integration with Polaris ILS

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Integration with BiblioCommons library software

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SirsiDynix Horizon

Integration with SirsiDynix library software

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Sitecore XP

Migration of 100+ Drupal websites to a single Sitecore instance

Screenshots of different Alberta Regional Library websites on multiple devices

A Unified A.I. Website & Catalogue Search Experience

The library catalogues and websites were previously disparate systems that caused a poor user experience. Fishtank utilized Coveo intelligent search to index and unify the libraries website content and catalogues, including over 800,000 library assets in a real-time, contextual and location aware search, resulting in a seamless user experience.

Screenshots of the Parkland Alberta Regional Library website on an iPad & iPhone

Integration With ILS Systems, Book Reservations & Check Outs

Fishtank indexed content across all the libraries Integrated Library Systems (ILS) including Polaris, Horizon and BiblioCommons, as well as over 100 websites and 80,000 books in their catalogues, giving users access to a wealth of libraries content and information. We also integrated their book reservation and check out system to ensure any reserved or checked out items appear appropriately when searched.

Screenshots of the Parkland Regional Library on multiple iPads

Screenshots of the Chinook Arch Alberta Regional Library website on multiple devices

Location Aware Search

Long gone are the days of users having to bounce around different sites to find a local library that stocks a particular book. Fishtank implemented a location aware search feature that prioritizes books and events near the user when searching, while also giving them the option to see everything available across the region. This gives over one million residents access to search over 120 local libraries.

Screenshots of the Yellowhead Alberta Regional Library website on iPhones

Access To A Wealth Of User Insights & Analytics

The Coveo implementation gives Alberta Regional Libraries access to a wealth of data and analytics about user searches that they can use to understand their audience and enhance their experience. This includes the ability to see which frequently searched items they don’t currently stock, which they can order to further improve their service to the community.


Development, migration and enhancement of over 39 public library websites powered by Coveo’s A.I. search.

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Unified Website & Catalogue Search

Unified over 800,000 library assets, over 100 different websites in a real-time contextual search experience.

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Integrated Book Reservation & Check-Out System

Search integration with book reservation and check-out system to label any reserved/checked out items appropriately.

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Location Specific Search

Location aware search functionality prioritizes books and events close to where the user is searching from.

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Deep Insights & Analytics

Wealth of analytics about user searches to improve the user experience on the site.

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