Sitecore And Azure PaaS

Hosting Your Sitecore Instance On Azure PaaS

Azure PaaS gives you a cost effective, fully managed and automatically scaled infrastructure for hosting Sitecore. At Fishtank we've seen the results Azure has had for our clients (and even ourselves). Rapid installations; one-click infrastructure; easier deployments; and scaling on the fly accelerates our projects.

What Is PaaS?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud development and deployment environment, that contains the resources to allow users to manage, run, and develop on platforms, without having to build the infrastructure associated with running an application. PaaS includes infrastructure such as servers, storage, and networking, as well as middleware, development tools and database management systems, to support the complete web application lifecycle.

About Azure PaaS

Azure is a PaaS environment that manages the operating systems so you can focus on building quality applications for your end users. Azure contains application and configuration files that combine Worker and Web Roles. The Web Role is an Azure VM, preconfigured as a web server running IIS. The application is automatically loaded when the Virtual machine is booted up, which creates the public endpoint for the app. The Worker Role ensures smooth operation of your app by completing the required functions.

Sitecore Azure PaaS

While local hosting is still an option with the latest versions of Sitecore, for us at Fishtank, it's been really exciting to see Sitecore embrace Azure. We're seeing a true shift of the CMS platform into the cloud. As a partner and for our customers, it's a breath of fresh air to no longer be worrying about Windows versions, .NET runtimes, scheduling back-ups, security patching etc.

Less talking about IT operations. More talking about world class websites.


Why Host Sitecore On Azure?

Real-time scaling

The ability to scale-up in real-time means you're always prepared for the unexpected.

Cost reduction

Because of Azure's automatic scaling you're only charged for how much you use it.


Microsoft has a global network of centres in 19 regions around the world, ensuring you have great performance and support.

Management by Microsoft

Any updates, soft and hardware fixes, as well as network configuration are managed by Azure.

Fast deployment & customization

Sitecore can be deployed to Azure quickly and easily, with every PaaS installation customized for Sitecore.

Powerful tooling & reporting

Powerful tooling ensures you can restore your database to a specific point in time, while also being able to manage access, security, deployments and alerts, as well as monitoring resource usage and costs.

Let Us Help You

We have the battle tested experience to help get your Sitecore into the Azure cloud. Fishtank has our own managed cloud offering, but we also have customers using Sitecore Managed Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Managed Cloud or their own internal Azure Ops teams within IT.

Want To Find Out More?

Want to find out more about hosting Sitecore on Azure? You can reach out to us at [email protected] or send us a message using the live chat function at the bottom right of this screen.