Enbridge Inc.

Sitecore and Coveo-Powered Energy Digital Transformation

Fishtank partnered with Enbridge Inc. to give them a more effective digital channel to increase transparency - providing more open and approachable content, building engagement efforts online and positioning itself as a leader in energy literacy.


In the beginning.

  • The former website functionality, content and design limited stakeholder engagement opportunities
  • Search was underutilized and ineffective in delivering meaningful results
  • The dense information architecture made it difficult to discover content
  • Personalization wasn’t easily managed within the existing template structure


What we did together.

  • Utilizing Sitecore's dual technology CMS & digital marketing system to customize the experience for every user, every time they visited
  • Developing a customized Coveo relevancy engine
  • Custom-built components that are modular, scalable and editable


Many significant transformations.

  • Integrating Coveo and the associated relevancy engine increased click-through rates by up to 60%
  • Designing a responsive site for mobile optimization, increased mobile traffic by 8% over the past 11 months
  • Creation of a new interactive map that highlights content relevant to the viewer’s immediate location
  • Development of a dedicated energy literacy section which gathered over 14,000 page views within the year, with extremely limited external advertising

Key Takeaways

Customized User Experience

Sitecore's personalization features allowed Enbridge to map their personas & create a unique and tailored experience for each visitor.

Location-specific content

Utilizing geo-targeting and the Coveo search module allows Enbridge to deliver localized content to user personas.

Engaging website

The new Enbridge website engages audiences with dynamic, digestible, visually driven and relevant content & information.