Fishtank Becomes A Coveo Certified System Integrator

We've Levelled Up

At Fishtank, we love great technology. Who doesn't? When we met Coveo, as both a technology and a company, we knew that we found something special. We're fond of saying it's a true next-generation search technology, and we mean it.

We've invested heavily in Coveo's search technology and are thrilled with what we've accomplished. Having a reliable, trusted, powerful search like Coveo has enabled us to rethink traditional information architectures and introduce new paradigms for discovering and delivering content.

As Gartner has indicated in their magic quadrant, even Google is a step behind Coveo when it comes to search.

With that said, we're proud to announce that Coveo has awarded Fishtank the official status of Certified System Integrator, Online Experience.

What does this mean? In Coveo's partner program, a Certified System Integrator is the highest status a partner can achieve, held by only a few companies. Online Experience refers to Fishtank's specialization in creating cutting-edge search implementations leveraging Coveo and Sitecore's Experience platform.

Fishtank is thrilled to continue working with Coveo to create next-generation search experiences that deliver targeted, contextualized and discoverable results.

We'll do our best to continue to earn this with every implementation. Thanks for the recoginition Coveo!