Sitecore Personalization

Sitecore Personalization

Sitecore contains impressive personalization features that make it a leading customer experience platform (CXP). It allows you to deliver personalized experiences with completely relevant and targeted content for each customer's journey based on their previous behaviour, browsing and visit history, as well as their characteristics such as their location, or gender. Using Sitecore's personalization features, you can ensure that each user browsing your website is displayed content that is only relevant to them.

Why Personalization Matters

Users browsing your website come to your website with a purpose. They want to be able to find what they're after quickly and easily, and if they can't they'll head straight to a competitor. Having personalized content on your website for each visitor ensures that you're offering them only content that they'd be interested in, and even related content that they might not have realized they were after. This ensures that your website visitors will spend more time on your website and less on your competitors, while also increasing your conversion rate and converting your visitors faster.

Sitecore's Personalization Features

Sitecore allows you to implement personalization rules based on:

  • Previous activity on your website
  • Geographic location
  • The contact's referring website
  • User characteristics, such as device, language, IP address, gender and campaign and goal achievement

You can set up personalization rules and actions depending on whether a user meets a specific condition using the rule set editor in Sitecore, or you can personalize content based on a user's previous browsing history on your site using content profiling. Sitecore also personalizes content across channels, so Sitecore will keep track of their interactions so no matter the device.

Benefits of Personalization

Faster conversion rate

Since most users are coming to your website with a purpose, the faster you can provide them with the content they're after, the faster they're going to convert. Customers also don't know they want something that they don't know exists. So setting up personalization ensures that they see content that they're likely to be interested in.

Better brand experience

Website visitors want to be treated like an individual with unique needs and want, because this is normal for them on other platforms. Just like recommended content on Amazon, today's online users are used to receiving custom content, and have a better experience when they are more engaged with the content they're receiving.

Retention rate

Personalization increases retention rates and even dollar per transaction amounts as you can provide custom content to users after a transaction is complete. This often means that you have even more information about a visitor, so you can target them with that item you know they'd love, or that eBook you know they'd be interested in.

Get started with personalization

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