Sitecore Marketing Automation

Automate Campaigns Without Leaving Sitecore CXP

Deliver a personal and connected cross-channel customer experience. Implement a marketing automation campaign that drives leads, retains customers and improves brand experience, all without leaving your Sitecore Customer Experience Platform (CXP).

Convert Faster With Contact Nurturing

Sitecore's Marketing Automation platform allows you to create campaigns that allow you to interact with your prospects, leads and customers depending on their activities on your website. This allows you to nurture them in every stage of their journey to convert, onboard or keep them.

Create endless custom automated marketing actions based on specific conditions or contact activities, such as using the contact's actions on the website, and their attributes or demographics, and incorporate scoring to determine how engaged your prospects are with your marketing content.

How We Can Help

Creating a marketing campaign that's designed to convert can be time consuming and hard to manage.

Let us help you with the following:

  • Strategizing a marketing campaign that's designed to convert, onboard, or keep your customers
  • Developing the assets and elements for your campaigns such as the email templates and landing pages
  • Setting up the automation workflows, including the triggers and actions, scoring, and goals, as well as developing any custom fields required for the campaigns
  • Monitoring campaign results and tweaking aspects of the campaigns to ensure you're reaching your goals

Marketing Automation Benefits

  • Improve your conversion rate with personalized offers and communication
  • Increase productivity by warming up prospects before they reach the sales team
  • Nurture prospects to convert them faster
  • Capture hot leads that are ready to convert
  • Retain existing customers
  • Free up resources with on-boarding campaigns
  • Create a personalized experience to improve brand perception

Get Started

Find out how you can improve your conversion rate with Sitecore Marketing Automation. Reach out to us at [email protected], or send us a message using the live chat function at the bottom right of this screen.