Sitecore Audit

Sitecore Audit

In today's digital age where your website is your brand's most important storefront, keeping your website in top shape is more important than ever. A regular Sitecore audit is an important part of a healthy website maintenance review to ensure your site is performing as it should be.

What's Included In A Fishtank Sitecore Audit?

Website health

  • Best practice alignment: Front & back end-infrastructure, code, content & information architecture review; Ensuring you're upgraded to the latest Helix framework; Hard-coded content review; Component re-usability; Site security; AI cyclamatic complexity analysis
  • User experience review: Server load testing; Accessibility review; Site search review; Responsiveness & mobile optimization testing; Image optimization and handling; Design & styling

Marketing performance

  • Performance: SEO; Tag consolidation & implementation; Site speed tests; Page component & optimization testing; Bounce & conversion rate review
  • Marketing features: Social media integration; Marketing automation; AI/personalization; Sitecore analytics

Why Choose Fishtank For Your Audit?

Fishtank Consulting are a certified Sitecore implementation partner. We've worked exclusively with Sitecore since day one, so we know the system inside and out. Our mission is for all Sitecore users to get the most out of the system, which extends beyond just implementing the code.

We've conducted countless Sitecore audits for clients that have lead to improved site health and marketing performance. While each Sitecore audit is unique to your industry and brand, we generally adhere to Sitecore's best practice documentation when conducting an audit, and follow a series of audit 'checks' that every Sitecore user should follow to ensure website health and optimization.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Want to find out more about Sitecore auditing? You can reach out to us at [email protected], or send us a message using the live chat function at the bottom right of this screen.