Sitecore Partner

Delivering World-Class Customer Experiences

Through Sitecore development.

At Fishtank Consulting we've worked exclusively with Sitecore since our beginning 12 years ago, to deliver world-class Sitecore solutions to clients using the leading customer experience platform.

What Is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a leading Customer Experience Platform (CXP) that delivers highly personalized content to users across multiple channels in real-time. Using analytics, Sitecore compiles a single view of the customer's interactions, to anticipate their needs, and deliver a consistent brand experience every time they interact with you. This ultimately drives conversions, as well as brand engagement and loyalty as users are presented with exactly what they are looking for, every time.

Selecting Your Sitecore Partner

The most important step.

To deliver highly personalized content to users across every channel, simply integrating Sitecore isn't enough. Your Sitecore instance must be properly configured, and integrated with a modern digital marketing strategy. As well as this, your team must understand how to use Sitecore to its full capabilities. This is why selecting an experienced Sitecore partner is the most important step of your journey with Sitecore.

Fishtank Consulting

Founded by Sitecore MVPs. Built for customers.

Fishtank are an exclusive Sitecore partner lead by a 7 x Sitecore MVP. We're Sitecore experts who have been working with Sitecore since day one, and are passionate about helping our clients get the most out of Sitecore. We work with our clients using a consultative approach, and create value for them by executing solutions that drive results with tangible data they can see and measure.

Whether you're an existing Sitecore user looking for Sitecore maintenance and support, or are looking for a Sitecore partner to build you a new Sitecore instance, our process is the same. We listen, we plan, we execute, and we educate you to get the most out of your Sitecore instance.

Taking Your Business To The Top

Let us support you in the following areas.

Sitecore Deployment

  • Setting up a new Sitecore instance
  • Building your Sitecore processes
  • No downtime automated deployments
  • Website design
  • Content migration & authoring

Sitecore Maintenance

  • Sitecore audits
  • Support contracts
  • Enhancements
  • Major projects
  • Sitecore training
  • Content authoring
  • Education and knowledge transfer

Sitecore Marketing

  • Digital strategy
  • User experience
  • Optimization tests
  • Campaigns
  • Analytics
  • Forms
  • Email experience manager
  • Marketing automation
  • Machine learning

Trust Our Experience

At Fishtank we've deployed +100 websites in Sitecore. We're a top Sitecore partner who have worked with multinational corporations, nuclear energy start-ups, government, education, tourism, technology, finance - you name it. We're lucky to have a diverse and interesting customer-base.

Because our entire organization works with Sitecore day-in and day-out, we've gained a lot of knowledge about the platform. More than just how to build solutions, but how to build Sitecore solutions that work.

Meet Some Of Our Clients

Enbridge Inc.

We partnered with Enbridge Inc. to make their digital channel more effective. Together, we increased their transparency, provided more open and approachable content, built engagement efforts online and positioned Enbridge as a leader in energy literacy.

CNOOC International

We partnered with the worlds largest offshore oil company, CNOOC International, to create a unified online footprint. We took a previously aging, costly and complex content management system to an agile, modern unified web experience.

Bow Valley College

Together with Bow Valley College, we greatly enhanced the digital experience of their students and faculty. We turned a static, aging, and disparate web platform to a dynamic, modern, and unified higher education web experience.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Want to get started, or have any questions? You can reach out to us at [email protected], or send us a message using the live chat function at the bottom right of this screen.