Coveo For Sitecore

Take Content Personalization To Another Level

Sitecore is all about personalization and getting the right content, to the right people, at the right time. Pairing Sitecore with Coveo ensures the personalized experience for your website visitors goes further than just the page components. It will ensure you're delivering a personalized experience for your website visitors every time they use your website search function, so that you can increase the impact of Sitecore and turn more of those prospects into leads, faster than before.

Why Coveo For Sitecore?

Coveo for Sitecore is the only relevance search solution that is completely integrated into Sitecore. Coveo for Sitecore uses the Sitecore APIs to connect into the Sitecore CMS and supports the latest features of the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce.

It can write xDB data in the Sitecore Experience Platform through Sitecore xConnect, indexing and querying against the Sitecore Commerce catalog and integrating into the Sitecore SXA Commerce Storefront. Since Coveo for Sitecore is completely deployment agnostic, you can either install it locally or deploy it in Azure.

Data And Analytics

Coveo for Sitecore can help you to identify content gaps through usage analytics. You're able to see exact search queries and terms, which allows you to identify the content your visitors are looking for. You can also make inferences based on user behaviour, which will allow you to convert prospects faster than ever. You're able to see data that include your search query count, your daily average, your click through rate, and your average click rank for your search terms. You also have the ability to create your own reports and dashboards with statistics that are relevant for your business, as well as the ability to see exactly which users are performing searches on your site.

The Power Of Machine Learning

Coveo for Sitecore uses the power of machine learning to make predictions that your visitors would be interested in, whenever they use the search function. Coveo for Sitecore is trained to notice patterns in frequent search results, based on a visitor's context, to show them the most relevant content they're looking for. It offers predictive recommendations in every interaction and optimizes a truly unique search experience for every single visitor. You can also choose exactly which content or content categories you want Coveo for Sitecore to index in the Coveo Command Center, built right in Sitecore.

Sitecore Hive UI Framework

Deployment is made easy with the Coveo for Sitecore Hive UI Framework. This framework includes the entire Coveo JavaScript Search Framework as Sitecore MVC presentation items, which allows you to customize your search pages to fit your website style and design guidelines. You can add, remove or move them around using the Sitecore Experience Editor, which also gives you simplified maintenance and upgrades. You're able to use the power of the Coveo search framework and the Sitecore Experience Editor, Experience Accelerator (SXA) and Sitecore conditional personalization. Placeholder settings are used to determine which components can go in what places in The Coveo for Sitecore Hive.

Coveo For Sitecore Connectors

The ready to deploy connectors include over 30 secure connectors for popular systems and apps. This ensures relevant content is also presented to your visitors. The list of connectors includes Twitter, Youtube, Wordpress, Sitecore, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Jive, ServiceNow, Sharepoint, RSS, Push, Amazon S3, Box, Confluence, Database, Dropbox, Exchange, Gmail, Google Drive, Jira, Lithium, OneDrive, OpenText Content Server, Sitemap, Web and Zendesk.

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