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Target Every Customer

Forget the heavy lifting of trying to manually target every audience with relevant content. Coveo relevancy platform does this work for you using AI and machine learning, to ensure every website visitor is receiving unique and relevant content. We're extremely passionate about Coveo because we've always believed there's a better way to target your audiences, and now we want to empower businesses to do the same.

A Powerful Search Tool

Coveo is a powerful relevance search tool that uses AI and machine learning to present personalized content to your website visitors, customers, and employees. It gives people the content they want to see, when they want to see it. When a visitor uses the Coveo search tool, they're presented with content based on their previous search and purchase history and their online behaviour. This gives them a completely personalized digital experience, and provides them with content that they're looking for. So you can say hello to happier customers, and faster conversions.

Content Insights

As well as providing your customers with the information they're looking for, exactly when they're looking for it, Coveo also gives businesses powerful insights into what prospects are searching for. This ensures you can build relevant content that converts and retains customers, without guessing what content converts, and what your customers want to know and see.

How Coveo Works

Coveo search uses machine learning to analyze the behaviour, previous click-paths and brand interaction of your website visitors. Every time your customers interact with your website, Coveo uses this information to provide them with a personalized experience, giving them the information they're looking for. You don't even have to lift a finger.

Coveo even pulls information from multiple sources outside your website to analyze behaviour, including your CRM such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, social media platforms, Episerver, Acquia/Drupal, SharePoint, your other websites (even if they're on a different CMS), and virtually everything else!

What Coveo Can Do For Your Business

  • Drives higher conversion rates by giving your prospects relevant content at every point of interaction
  • Increases your customers' items per sale by offering relevant and contextual recommendations that they might not have otherwise considered
  • Allows your business to leverage powerful usage analytics, so you can identify any content gaps, and build content businesses customers are after
  • Gives your business a greater understanding of buyers' search context and intents

Coveo And Fishtank

Creating highly relevant search solutions.

At Fishtank Consulting, we specialize in online experience, so it's only natural that we're an original Coveo certified system integrator. Our mission is to empower businesses use the power of technology to deliver relevant content to the right customers. We use a consultative approach to deliver unique and world-class solutions for our clients, so let us help you transform your business with Coveo.

Hear our president Dan Cruickshank talk about how we're creating highly relevant search and content solutions for our clients using Coveo:

Our Success Stories

Some of the digital transformations we've created using Coveo.

Enbridge Inc.

Search was previously under-utilized and ineffective in delivering meaningful results for Enbridge. We partnered with Enbridge to develop and implement a customized Coveo relevancy search engine solution, which increased their click-through rates on the site by up to 60%. We also utilized geo-targeting along with the Coveo search module, which allows Enbridge to deliver localized content to their user personas.

University of Alberta

We partnered with University of Alberta to implement a Coveo powered, next generation & CMS agnostic search solution for them on This improved the user experience of the search functionality, and gave University of Alberta actionable insights into the 1.8 million searches performed on each year.

Bow Valley College

We implemented a Coveo Search for Sitecore solution for Bow Valley College, which unifies multiple content sources, including their programs and courses. Extensive developer and content authoring training was given for both Sitecore and Coveo, and Bow Valley College are now utilizing Coveo analytics to drive their future content strategy.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Want to get started with a Coveo search solution, or have any questions? You can reach out to us at [email protected], or send us a message using the live chat function at the bottom right of this screen.