What Is Sitecore CaaS

Sitecore's New Content As A Service Offering.

Announced at Sitecore Symposium 2020, CaaS is one of Sitecore’s new offerings. Sitecore CaaS publishes content and data that is managed within Content Hub to the Sitecore CaaS platform. As this is a SaaS offering, a Sitecore XP licence is not needed in order to use Sitecore CaaS.

How Does Sitecore CaaS With Content Hub Different From Content Hub Through Sitecore XP?

You’re probably wondering what makes Sitecore CaaS different from Sitecore XP with Content Hub.

Well, with your standard Sitecore instance, Content Hub delivers data through a connector that exports it into Sitecore XP.

Traditional methods for publishing and deploying within the Sitecore XP architecture then apply as Content Hub data is converted to Sitecore items. Content authors can also use features like personalization and layout management.

So What Makes CaaS Different?

Content Hub data is now available via the cloud using a distributed data delivery platform with a GraphQL endpoint that allows you to use it directly (to the distribution edge) through applications without the need for connectors.

This means that you don’t need Sitecore XP in order to deliver content to your website.

But this also means that Sitecore personalization and layout management features are not available, which puts more emphasis on the need for front-end development.

Why Should You Use Sitecore’s CaaS?

Because Sitecore’s CaaS is a SaaS platform, it alleviates resources from having to maintain delivery server architectures and frameworks. Using Sitecore SaaS frees up time for developers, as it handles these tasks for you.

Probably the most beneficial feature of Sitecore’s CaaS platform is that it is scalable and globally distributed to handle the highest content delivery loads.

You can rely on this robust platform as it has backed Content Hub for a number of years.

How Does Sitecore’s Content As A Service Platform Serve Data To Your Website?

The Sitecore CaaS platform uses GraphQL that serves as a medium to consume Content Hub data and deliver it to your website without having to use Sitecore XP.

Are Developers Needed To Set Up The CaaS API?

Yes, you will need developers to configure the custom schemas in Content Hub prior to the site build.

When Will Sitecore CaaS Be Available?

This new offering will be available in early 2021.

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