Tracking File Downloads In Sitecore

Configuring Item Download Tracking In Sitecore

You might have checked out Experience Analytics in Sitecore and seen an option for tracking Downloads under Behaviour and then Assets. However, without configuring anything, this area will be empty and say “No data to display”.

In this blog I’m going to show you how you can set up tracking downloads in Sitecore, so that they appear in Experience Analytics for you to track and review.

Before we get started, let's look at some reasons why you should be tracking content downloads on your site.

Why You Should Track Downloads

Tracking how users interact with your website is important for understanding more about your customers and prospects, and how they receive your content.

If little to no visitors are downloading your content, that can tell you a lot about your audience, as well as how engaging the content itself is, and allow you to adjust your content accordingly.

It also means that you can see where you should focus your efforts, so you can spend more time on content that’s more engaging and gives you a return on investment.

Associating Files With The Download Goal

From the Sitecore launchpad, click Media Library.

Click on the Media Library icon on the Sitecore launchpad.

In the content tree, select the PDF item you’d like to track downloads of.

Select a file in the Sitecore media library content tree.

In the top navigation bar, select Analyze, and then Attributes.

Select Analyze, then Attributes from the Sitecore top navigation.

Click Events, and select Download.

Select Events, then Download after clicking Attributes in the top navigation.

Click OK, then remember to Save and Publish.

Click the OK button.

Reviewing Results

To review the results, from the Sitecore launchpad, click Experience Analytics.

Click Experience Analytics from the Sitecore launchpad.

In Experience Analytics, expand Behaviour in the menu on the left side, and then Assets.

Click on Downloads in Experience Analytics in the menu on the left.

Click Downloads to see the report on the right.

Wrap Up

I hope this blog was useful. If you have any other questions about Experience Analytics or other Events in Sitecore, please give me a shout on Twitter or LinkedIn. I would love to help!

We'll be cool about it. Promise.

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