Sitecore XM Cloud Is Now Available

Sitecore's Next-Generation SaaS Announcement

Sitecore XM Cloud Official Announcement

Sitecore has announced that Sitecore XM Cloud (Experience Manager Cloud) is now available according to this press release.

Sitecore has also released a landing page touting many of its new features. From the information released, here are the highlights on what to expect:

  • Sitecore Pages - a new UX for page editing w/ drag and drop page authoring
  • Sitecore Component Builder - front-end as a service to build reusable, scalable components
  • Enterprise SaaS platform
  • Elimination of upgrades
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Fast site performance, leveraging headless technology & JAMStack
  • Sitecore starter kits & reference sites
  • Composable architecture - bring your tools, integrations)
  • Integrated testing and personalization
  • Cloud portal for centralized access to new SaaS tools

What's Notable In the XM Cloud Press Release?

The easy highlights for me is the elimination of upgrades, Sitecore Pages & Sitecore Component Builder. Removing the need for upgrades is an incredible advantage. The new UX that Sitecore Pages is providing will be amazing for content authors. And the Sitecore Component Builder will be an incredible piece of technology that will allow us to develop new components for Sitecore in cloud. To my knowledge, the Component Builder is the first of its kind in the enterprise SaaS CMS space.

Is Sitecore XM Cloud Available Now?

Yes, mostly. This is Sitecore's announcement that XM Cloud is official. It's ready to be considered and evaluated if any organization is looking to undertake significant digital strategy or website projects. And it will be ready for use in your next solution.

Next Steps

Fishtank is currently developing sites with the intention to launch on XM Cloud (or transition to it shortly there after). If you're interested in Sitecore XM Cloud, we should chat. No big deal. We can share our perspective on the product, Sitecore's roadmap and a practical way to help your organization benefit from the latest Sitecore offerings.

Thanks for reading.

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