Sitecore Reduces Technical Debt

Sitecore Reduces Technical Debt

A few weeks ago I was at a social event and the inevitable small-talk that followed got me thinking about a question I was asked… Why choose Sitecore?

The person who asked me wasn’t a developer or a marketer or anyone who would understand any jargon that industry people might find illuminating. As a result, I found myself looking for a way to explain what’s so great about Sitecore to the layman.

One of the many good things about Sitecore is it reduces the cost of technical debt. Technical debt builds up over time and can turn simple changes into something complex. It’s a drain on resources.

To illustrate, I once worked at an agency where we had a brochure file we referred to as “Frankenfile.” In the beginning, it was a simple 6-page promotional brochure. Several years later, the updates to content, translation into 12 languages, changes made by different employees with incompatible software, etcetera... meant the time it took to make small changes was enormous.

This same kind of issue exists with websites. As they mature, the additional features, changes to technology, and assorted authors can turn simple changes into complex burdens. The advantage of Sitecore is that it anticipates this issue with the Helix architecture.

Sitecore uses low coupling and explicit dependencies

Diagram of coupling and dependencies

Helix architecture is set up so Sitecore sites reduce the amount of dependencies between modules. This is another way of saying any changes done to a particular part, or feature, of the site won’t result in unexpected issues in some other part of the site.

This focus on low coupling and explicit dependencies means developers know what outcomes to expect on a website as a whole when changing just a part. It reduces the amount of time in testing and improves development productivity.

For businesses and organizations that want to reduce future expenses by reducing technical debt on their websites Sitecore offers the best solution.

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