Scheduling A Reminder In Sitecore

Scheduling reminders in Sitecore is great for content authors who have pages or items that need to be updated routinely, or as a reminder to release content for a particular launch.

Watch our short, 1 minute video to find out how to schedule a reminder in Sitecore, or follow the instructions below.



  1. In the content editor, select your page or item in the content tree.
  2. Content tree in Sitecore
  3. In the top navigation ribbon, select Review, and then Reminder.
  4. Review and reminder buttons in Sitecore navigation ribbon
  5. Click Set a reminder.
  6. Set reminder button in Sitecore
  7. Add the message you want the reminder to say, and then click Next.
  8. Reminder message Sitecore
  9. Set the date and time for your reminder, and the email address you want it to be sent to.
  10. When you’re finished, click Set.
  11. Set reminder message date and time in Sitecore
  12. You’ll receive the reminder to the email address you chose on the day and time you set.

Cancelling A Reminder

  1. If you need to cancel the reminder, click on the page or item that you’ve set the reminder for in the content tree.
  2. Select Review in the top navigation.
  3. Click Reminder.
  4. Then select clear reminder.
  5. Clear reminder in Sitecore