Restore Deleted Items In Sitecore

Using the recycle bin

If you’ve deleted an item in Sitecore and you need to restore it - don’t panic. There’s a quick way to get those items back into your content editor using the recycle bin.

Watch our short, 1 minute video to find out how to restore deleted items in Sitecore, or follow the instructions below.



  1. Open the Sitecore launch pad and click 'Recycle Bin'. You can also access this from the Sitecore Start menu.
  2. Sitecore launch pad screenshot
  3. Once you're in the recycle bin, select the item you want to restore and click 'Restore' in the top navigation ribbon.
  4. Sitecore restore item screenshot
  5. You can also restore versions of the item by clicking the 'Show Versions' checkbox and then restoring the version you’re after.

Show versions Sitecore screenshot

Emptying the recycle bin

  • To permanently delete all the items from the recycle bin, click the Empty button in the top navigation ribbon.

Empty recycle bin Sitecore screenshot

Deleting an item from the recycle bin

  • If you just want to permanently delete one item, click Delete in the top navigation ribbon after you've selected the item.

Delete Sitecore recycle bin screenshot