Fishtank Founder Named 2018 Sitecore Ambassador MVP

Fishtank CEO Dan Cruickshank Expands His Focus From Lead Strategic Technologist to Customer Value Expert

Calgary, Alberta, Canada — March 13, 2018 - Fishtank is proud to announce that Sitecore has recognized our President and head architect, Dan Cruickshank, as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the fifth year in a row.

Dan is one of only a handful of 5-time Sitecore MVPs in the world and this year joins the new Ambassador category.

I chat to Dan about his latest MVP award, what it means to him to be recognized in this elite company and what the future holds for Fishtank.

Sitecore, the global leader in experience management software, annually awards the top technologists who implement its solutions and thought leaders who contribute to pushing the platform forward. The inaugural Ambassador Award recognizes the masters of insight who partner with Sitecore executives on product roadmap and strategy.

"What is a Sitecore Ambassador MVP and what does it mean?"

“I’m immensely appreciative to be acknowledged, I’ve dedicated the last twelve years of my life to Sitecore, professionally and personally. It means a lot.”

"The Ambassador role is different from the Technology MVP role," Dan explains, "most of the MVP community is technically focused on implementation. I’m more focused on conceptualizing the possible, explaining that to the customer and tying it back to customer value."

"It’s essential as a developer to understand how far the technology can go, and I have a solid foundation in Sitecore’s technical opportunities. But this last year has been more about demonstrating what Sitecore can do for the customers."

"Fishtank has undertaken the challenge of educating customers on the state of everything—on the state of contextual marketing, of what the digital experience can be and what role Sitecore plays in that space.”

Dan Cruickshank is the Sitecore expert’s Sitecore expert.

Fishtank is a customer experience design and development firm exclusively dedicated to optimizing Sitecore and maximizing media spend with game-changing enterprise solutions. Known for achieving true ROI, Dan is regarded as an authority within the Sitecore MVP community.

“Multiple times in the last year," Dan continues, "other consultants looking to build Sitecore companies have reached out to me asking, ‘How do you do this? Could you explain the role of customer experience and engagement in the modern intranet? Sitecore’s role in mobile? How do you create that connected experience across the platform?’”

Fishtank leverages Sitecore to drive business results.

Last month, Sitecore released its latest offering, Version 9.0.1. Fishtank capitalizes on the new xConnect architecture in Sitecore 9 to deliver a 360° view of each consumer and to automate personalized marketing.

Sitecore xConnect collects consumer data across every device and touchpoint to developmentally inform marketing strategy. Fishtank helps its clients plan automated campaigns and trigger actions like email follow-up, push notification, text messaging and lead registration.

“The marketing automation side of xConnect is a really powerful tool,” Dan says. “It opens up a whole new play for organizations to conceivably drag and drop different automated activities. Even in Salesforce, you can use xConnect as a data-driven automation engine.”

"What’s next for Fishtank?"

Dan is anything but complacent after earning this elite status. He still has technical goals to accomplish in Sitecore: “I want to establish deeper integrations with the machine learning APIs that are out there in the broader AI marketplace to enhance the natural language processing capabilities and data available in the platform.”

In the meantime, the Fishtank founder will “keep on painting compelling pictures of the possibilities and making those things real for Sitecore customers.”

Ambassador MVP Dan Cruickshank can revolutionize your Sitecore build.

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