Module: Enhanced Sitecore Email Workflow Action

New tokens for Sitecore's workflow email notification

Update May 13, 2013: For how to make your own custom workflow action take a look at our Customizing Sitecore's Workflow Email Action post.


Fishtank is excited to release the Enhanced Email Action to the Sitecore community via Sitecore Marketplace and Github.

In a multi-author Sitecore environment with a centralized approver, the quality of email notifications becomes very important. This library introduces a handful of new tokens for the workflow Email Action and allows developers to easily create their own custom tokens.


The Enhanced Email Action adds the following tokens:

Tokens Description
$itemSubmittedBy$ User submitting the item
$itemComments$ User comments associated with their action (if not supressed)
$itemPreviewUrl$ Url to view the item preview mode.

These in addition to the standard Sitecore tokens of $itemPath$, $itemLanguage$ & $itemVersion$. Add these tokens as needed to the 'Message' field of the Email Action.


First make sure your binaries are in the bin directory. Then do the following:

  • Find an existing Email Action in your workflow or navigate to its standard values at /sitecore/templates/System/Workflow/Email Action
  • Change the Type field reference the new library. Fishtank.SharedSource.Workflow.Actions.EnhancedEmailAction, Fishtank.SharedSource
  • Add new tokens to the Email Actions To, From, Subject andMessage fields.

Screenshot of Enhanced Email Action setup


You can download the Enhanced Email Action library from the Sitecore Marketplace and Github. Source and binaries are included. Use it as is or customize it to your liking.

Thanks. Enjoy!

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