Designer And Developer Collaboration

Designers And Developers Working Together

1. Designers Need Developers, & Developers Need Designers

Illustration of two people collaborating on a computer

If both the designer and developer are on the same page, we can create good products/design.

Having an effective communication and teamwork is not so easy these days. Especially when there are two different areas with different specialities and talents. A project without a good teamwork between designer and developer has no chance but being failure or having tons of changes. True facts!

2. Both Diverse Backgrounds

Designers vs Developers illustration

What separates designers from developers is that they have different perspectives and ways of looking at things.

Designers and developers having a different education about their field. UI/UX designers are being trained for creating different and creative but user-friendly concepts. Also developers is learning how to make product/design faster and more secure.

3. Self-Respect! Self-Respect! Self-Respect!

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Respect is the key in this domain. You both should respect each other and your knowledge.

UI/UX designers have different capabilities about creating and idea, research and visual design. They also have multiple responsibilities on the project.

Just respect that they are creator of the product/design, they give so much time in it and they have a reason for everything. Don’t make a change on the project in the coding stage without asking their permission.

4. Collaboration Is Important

Illustration of three people collaborating digitally

Developers are using different tools and skills to make your idea real.

And this requires a lot of knowledge. Developers are not a separate part of a design project. They also should be allowed to be part of the process because they can share valuable opinions about a feature, interaction, or animation is complex or simple to implement. Both goes hand to hand


An integral part of teams are the designers and developers: two different specialties, working to create a common product/design. It is important to bridge the gap that exists between the two and make a high-quality product/design.


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