Creating Sitecore Support Tickets The Easy Way

The Sitecore Support Package Generator

Submitting support tickets to Sitecore just got easy.

On a recent Sitecore 7 upgrade I came across a peculiar ContentSearch issue that forced me to file a support request. Based on previous experience, I entered the support request process with a certain amount of trepidation.

I've always found Sitecore's partner support portal extremely helpful. But after a quick back and forth, most serious issues require you to bundle up a series of IIS and Sitecore logs, a litany of configuration files, and all supporting code. While this makes sense, I know gathering these file is tedious and has acted as a barrier to entry for submitting support requests.

Enter the Sitecore Support Package Generator.

This is an official release from Sitecore. It hooks directly into your Sitecore instance and automatically bundles of the requisite files required for a support request.

Click a few checkboxes you will find yourself with a tailor-made zip file to attach to your support request. Ease and thoroughness in one fell swoop.

Meet Dan Cruickshank


Dan is the founder of Fishtank. He's a multi-time Sitecore MVP and Coveo MVP award winner. Outside of technology, he is widely considered to be a top 3 father (routinely receiving "Father of the Year" accolades from his family) and past his prime on the basketball court.

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