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A Search & Degree Finder Tool For Universities & Colleges

Our search solution for higher education, Coveo, utilizes machine learning and AI to display only relevant results to each visitor. Recently named a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, the search solution allows advanced filtering options that display information from a number of data sources both within and beyond the website.

Give Your University A Competitive Advantage

Most universities and colleges have a tonne of information on their website, spread across a number of different sources. This can make it difficult for students and prospective students to find what they're after, and for universities and colleges to ensure they're getting relevant content to their audiences.

Give your university or college a competitive advantage by reducing search time and creating a positive brand experience with a search tool and degree finder that displays information from a number of sources in one place. Advanced filtering abilities and predictive search results ensure prospective students find exactly what they're after without wasting any time navigating through irrelevant content.

Advanced Filtering

Make it easy for students and future students to find what they're after by implementing a search solution with advanced filtering ability. Give students the option to search by categories such as course type, programs, news, people, policies or services, with further filtering per category, such as filtering courses by number of credit points, faculty, campus location or semester the course is offered in.

AI & Machine Learning

AI driven search results provide visitors with relevant content based on previous popular search paths, allowing students to find the information they're after quickly and easily.

Some Of Our Higher Education Clients 

University of Alberta

Our search solution for the University of Alberta incorporated advanced filtering, data from numerous sources & a more modern visualization of search results with advanced speed and performance, analytics driven partial match, auto-suggestions, and recommended relevant content.

Bow Valley College

Using Sitecore for Coveo, we greatly enhanced the digital experience for both students and faculty. We turned their previous static and aging web platform, to a dynamic, modern and unified higher education experience that provides relevant results across multiple sources of data.

Want To Find Out More?

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