Customer Success Story

Alberta Securities Commission

Sitecore and Coveo Powered Regulatory Digital Transformation

Fishtank partnered with the Alberta Securities Commission to help overhaul their customer experience and infrastructure of their flagship web property

From SharePoint on-prem to Sitecore on Azure.


In the beginning.

  • High Cost, On Premises Sharepoint Site with 30,000 PDFs
  • Mobile unfriendly site with an aging, off brand design
  • Difficult to navigate site due to large amount of site data
  • Inflexible authoring experience
  • Government agency with strict processes and budgets
  • Internal IT burden to manage the site resulting in slow improvement cycle


What we did together.

  • Implement Sitecore 9.0.2 Azure PaaS (Platform as a Service) with auto-scaling
  • Build a Component based, flexible, Modern Mobile Site design
  • Harness Coveo Cloud Search with Machine Learning
  • Manage deployments and infrastructure monitoring and support (99.9% Availability)
  • Develop a SharePoint migration loader to handle over 30K SharePoint items, metadata and PDF documents


Many significant transformations.

  • Azure Paas Sitecore 9 environment within monthly budget constraint
  • Completely redesigned site, mobile friendly and responsive
  • Modern Search with machine learning, including deep search into PDF content
  • Easy to update content and create new content for ASC staff
  • Malleable site that can be easily changed to accommodate new requirements
  • Positive feedback from site users and internal ASC stakeholders

Key Takeaways

Hosting In Azure

ASC transformed their infrastructure from being on-prem Sharepoint to managed and hosted in Microsoft Azure.

AI Powered Search

Customers can find any of the 30,000 ASC documents with Coveo's machine learning powered search.


The Communications team is fully enabled and empowered to update the site with instant or scheduled updates.